Roma Pony Club - FAQ's

 How do I join Roma Pony Club?
Please get in touch with our secretary to discuss the process, or alternatively you can go onto page for more details

Can I agist my horse at Pony Club?
No, we do not offer agistment at the Pony Club grounds.

Do you need to have a horse to join Roma Pony Club?
Unfortunately, RPC does not own horses for members to ride, so having a horse of your own is necessary.  However, we are aware that some children fancy the idea of riding but have never been on a horse before.  Therefore, it may be possible to arrange for a member to bring in a 'spare' horse for a child to ride at Pony Club, to see if they are really keen before you go to the trouble and expense of buying a horse.

Isn't Pony Club just for children?
No, whilst RPC is primarily a youth organisation, and as such our junior members are our priority, adult riders are most welcome and the value that they bring to the Club is acknowledged.  Wherever possible, dedicated sessions for adults will be held on rally days.  However, the actual number of groups offered on any rally day is dependant on the number of instructors available - and it is important to remember that all our instructors are volunteeers.  It is most likely, therefore, that adult riders will be asked to join in with a group of younger riders.  Don't worry, our kids are used to this and cope very well!
All adult members (both riding and non-riding) are expected to assist the Club in whatever way they can - be it cooking and helping in the canteen, managing grant applications, maintenance, assistance at working bees, and so on.  They are also encouraged to become instructors; the first level of instruction is not mounted, but about care of the horse, points of the horse, colours and marking, tack, etc.
Roma Pony Club requests that all members aged 18 or over obtain a Working with Children Blue Card, more details on the 'Forms' page.

Do I need special gear for Pony Club?
Not necessarily, although it is possible that items of tack or clothing you already own are not PCAQ (Pony Club Association of Queensland) approved.   For example, saddles with a horn are not permitted; all saddles must have a least two girth points or acceptable alternative; treeless saddles are not permitted (except for 'pony pads' used by young children); and a bit must be used when riding.  All riders must wear an approved helmet.  Therefore, we suggest that you check with  Rebbeca Green, the Club Chief Instructor, especially before purchasing any new items.

Is there a uniform?
Yes, but it is for competitions and 'formal' occasions such as the ANZAC  Day Parade.  Details of the uniform are on the 'About us' page.  On rally days RPC uniform is not required to be worn but we do ask that the riders wear suitable and sun-safe clothing, such as the (optional) cotton long-sleeved shirts with the Roma Pony Club logo, available to order.
As a parent I know nothing about horses, will I be able to get some help?
Absolutely!  We are all too aware that it can sometimes be baffling for non-horsey parents to understand where this love of all things equine comes from; and that your horse obsessed child is suddenly speaking a completely different language to the rest of the family!    Other parents are able to  help and advise whenever possible; as well as our adult riders and instructors (who, between them, have years of experience and will be only too willing to help). There is also a document called 'Notes for Parents' on the 'Forms' page that not only will help you, but will give you an idea of how you can help Roma Pony Club.

I don't know if Pony Club is for me, can I come along and see before I join?
Most definately yes! Please get in touch with one of our members and we can work out a time to come along.  We also try to hold regular 'Come and Try' Days

How do I become an Instructor?
The Club Chief Instructor is responsible for ensuring the Club has accredited Instructors, so they are your first port of call.  There is also a factsheet produced by the Zone which details the process, this will be available soon on the 'Forms' page.  Members undertaking instructor training are required to purchase the course books through the Club.  On successful accreditation, this money is reimbursed.