Roma Pony Club

In-House Dressage & Combined Training Practice

Corfe Park   10th April 2011   
This event is being run during a regular rally day, therefore all members are encouraged to participate - no matter what riding ability, it is for fun!  Having said that, it will be especially useful for those planning to compete at the local shows as well as the Zone 20 Dressage & CT Championships in May.  Full presentation is encourged (but not mandatory) eg Club uniform,  plaiting etc. 
Please note that the dressage tests are  EA tests, not PCAQ tests.


12years & under     Preliminary 1:A
12 years & under    Preliminary 1:B

13yrs & under 26    Preliminary 1:B
13yrs & under 26    Preliminary 1:C

Seniors                   Preparatory 4
Seniors                   Preliminary 1:B*

Beginners               Preparatory 2
Beginners               Preparatory 4

* for this event only, this test can be completed at walk/trot



50 cm

60 cm

80 cm